Our guiding principle is to give your customers control over where and when their order is delivered. Offering your customers different delivery options directly contributes to an increase in sales for your webshop

Shipping products for your webshop

  • Late cut-off time: 11:45 P.M., and even Same Day Delivery is an option!
  • Allow end users to choose between carriers, pick-up locations and delivery times using our Universal Check Out feature
  • Worldwide shipping options
  • If we store your products in multiple Monta warehouses, e.g. in a warehouse in the Netherlands and in a warehouse in Germany, Belgium or the UK, we can ship from any warehouse that still has stock. That way, you miss out on fewer orders!
Shipping products for your webshop
Shipping your products can be so easy! 

Shipping your products can be so easy! 

Want products ordered before midnight to be delivered early the next day? That's no problem for Monta! Is Next Day Delivery still too long to wait for your customers' expectations? Then you can use Same Day Delivery - orders placed before 12:00 P.M. will be delivered the same day.

Another popular option is to choose a day and time slot. This allows your customers to choose the time slot and day they want their order delivered. In addition, they can specify their preference for a particular carrier. This will keep your customers fully satisfied. Click here for all delivery options.

We have the same aim as you: to provide a perfect service to end users who purchase goods from your webshop. Would you like to know more? Then request a no-obligation quote right away. You will receive a customised price proposal within one day. Did you know that your fulfilment can be live within a week from the moment of our agreement?

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To choose to ship products yourself, or to choose fulfilment?

The decision to ship orders yourself can result in time-consuming work, which can also be quite stressful. This is because you will need to purchase and maintain software, arrange for carriers and monitor all this activity continuously. If you choose to use Monta's fulfilment services, we can relieve you of all your worries regarding webshop logistics. And all this at a guaranteed best price-to-quality ratio.

We work with a wide range of carriers, and can link to almost any webshop system. Thanks to the webshop link, you will have real-time insight into your stock, 24/7. With our smart dashboard, you will also have an accurate and detailed overview of a range of important data, such as your best sellers, and products with a reduced stock requirement. Your webshop will be operating with the help of reliable logistics.

To choose to ship products-yourself or to choose fulfilment
The carriers Monta collaborates with

The carriers Monta collaborates with

Monta work only with reputable shipping partners such as PostNL, DHL, Budbee, Fedex, Deutsche Post, Trunkrs, UPS, DPD and GLS. We have standardised IT links with all these carriers, making pre-notification, track & trace codes and label printing hassle-free. We work together with all these carriers to give you, the website owner, a choice of carrier to transport your orders. Naturally, we discuss this with you and offer advice. There is also the option to ship via several carriers, which is why we maintain such an extensive network of carriers that we work with!

A final and very interesting option is to choose multiple carriers using our Universal Check Out function. First, you select the carriers you want to ship with. You then offer your customer - the end user - a choice of carrier. In addition, the end user can choose between various pick-up locations and time-slot deliveries. The customer will immediately see when their package will arrive and what the delivery costs are, if any. Many end users have a favourite carrier, so the option to choose their own carrier is very much appreciated by end users!

Why Monta?

Monta is an e-commerce company that handles logistics for over 1,800 webshops. We operate from several independent e-commerce warehouses and handle the processing and delivery of customer orders worldwide. All orders received by Monta before midnight in the Netherlands and Belgium can be delivered early the next day if the end user so wishes. In addition, we offer the option of Same Day Delivery across the Netherlands. This means: ‘If ordered before 12 midday, it’s delivered the same day’.

If you want to ship your webshop's packages, Monta can offer many advantages. For instance, we are always transparent about costs, and we are fast and extremely reliable. The latter is demonstrated by our order picking performance of 99.98 percent. In agreement with you, we can offer your customers a delivery option that suits them best, such as carrier, location, day and time.

What are our rates?

At Monta, we always deliver the highest quality at the lowest possible rates. Based on your requirements, we will provide you with a customised proposal. Should you still find it difficult to make certain decisions, we will be happy to be of assistance. To do this effectively, we need to know as much as possible about your webshop.

Our packages and rates may depend on a number of different factors. The factors below play a role in this:

  • Your type of platform
  • The dimensions of your products
  • Order quantity per year
  • Number of unique products
  • Number of products in stock

Shipping from multiple warehouses?

As a Monta customer, it is also possible that your stock is stored in multiple warehouses, for example if you want to ship from a Monta warehouse in the Netherlands to your Dutch customers, but prefer to ship from a German warehouse to your German customers. If your stock is stored in several warehouses, then there is also the option to ship from several warehouses. The good thing about this is that you are less likely to miss orders if you do not have an item in stock. It is highly likely that the item will be in stock at one of the two warehouses.  We can then proceed in two ways:

  1. Transfer orders to the warehouse that still has stock, the order is then sent to the end user from this other warehouse;
  2. Split orders according to the warehouse where the stock is located, end users will then receive multiple packages.

Perfect, surely! The customer doesn’t need to know, especially when the order is completely transferred from warehouse A to warehouse B. You won’t be letting your customer down, and you’ll make more profit!

Shipping from multiple warehouses
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Package delivery, letterbox delivery, pick-up points and more

Lopo UPS

UPS Standard, Express, Access Points and more

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DHL Parcel, Europlus, DHL Drop-Off and more

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Delivery to 110,000 German letterboxes

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Flexible evening delivery with real-time tracking

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DPD Home, DPD Parcelshop, DPD Pick-up

Logo Dynalogic

Time-slot deliveries and XL deliveries

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Flexible evening delivery with real-time tracking

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European network for one-stop-shop deliveries

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Parcel delivery within the Netherlands and Europe

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Same day deliveries

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PostNL Extra @ Home

Delivery and installation service for XL products

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International shipping to more than 200 locations

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Tracking with app, door-to-door shipping and more

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Package delivery within the Netherlands for plants, among other things

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Pallet transport

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XL and odd-sized deliveries

Possible time slots for shipment?

  • As soon as possible: Same Day Delivery

Want your products delivered the same day? Monta offers the perfect solution! Contact us for more information.

  • Delivered the next day: Next Day Delivery

We apply a cut-off time of 11:45 P.M. for orders placed within the Netherlands and Belgium. Orders made until this time can be delivered the next working day.  

  • You choose the day and time slot

Choosing a convenient day and time slot is an option that is highly appreciated. Allow end users to choose a day and time slot they want their order delivered.

  • Evening deliveries

Ideal, right? Many people are at work during the day, so we can make sure your customer receives their order in the evening

  • Sunday deliveries

Many customers prefer it when an order can be delivered on a Sunday. Naturally, this is also possible. After all, your customers come first.

Possible time slots for shipment
Where are the packages delivered

Where are the packages delivered?

  • To the home, worldwide

When it comes to shipping, we are flexible: even though our offices are located mainly in the Netherlands, we ship worldwide. If you really want to grow, our international shipping options will definitely help.

  • Pick-up location

Of course, there is always the option to pick up the order at a nearby location. There are 2,000 pick-up locations within the Netherlands. These include shops such as Bruna, Jumbo and Primera.

  • Location of the package

From our IT system, we can send the end user a notification email on your behalf, informing your end user of the package’s order status.

We hope you now have a clear picture of Monta's delivery options. We would like to emphasise that we are able to meet all your requirements. Is your preferred delivery option not listed? In that case, please contact us directly and ask about all the options. Our specialists will be happy to accommodate you!

Choose Monta; the specialist

Do you want your webshop to grow substantially? Let Monta ship your webshop packages. We are ready to help. Request a quote now and receive a customised price proposal within one day. This will give you an immediate indication of the costs, which you can consider at your leisure. Do you have any other questions? Please get in touch with us. We will answer all your questions!

How to get started with fulfilment?

Fulfilment based on trust, cancellable on a daily basis.

  • Cancellable on a daily basis, open-ended contract. We do business based on trust.
  • Shipping and returns from as little as £2.95 per order.
  • 20 years of experience. Our reliability rate has a score of 99.98 percent.
  • Our fulfilment takes care of your entire logistics process in accordance with your requirements.
  • Experience real-time insights into the status of your orders and purchase the correct stock using our smart software.
  • Your own account manager at the branch where your products are stored, your dedicated point of contact!
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