Order Processing

Thanks to our years of experience in order picking for webshops, we are able to efficiently carry out order processing for your webshops. This allows us to pack and ship items quickly, even if end users order just before midnight.

Order processing

An order is generated when an end user places an order in your webshop. We then automatically receive the webshop order:

  • Via a webshop link or a marketplace link or other customer system
  • When manually created on our Monta portal
  • When imported from an Excel file to our Monta portal

With years of experience in order picking for customers, we can handle your order processing efficiently. This allows us to ship items quickly, even if you have a late cut-off time.

Order processing
Advantages of outsourcing webshop orders

Advantages of outsourcing webshop orders

  • Monta values sustainable working methods
  • When packing the orders, an additional gift from the webshop can be added to the order, such as a discount voucher or card
  • We offer serial number registration
  • Through frequent checks, we have achieved a performance guarantee of 99.98 percent

For optimal communication with your webshop platform, a real-time webshop link between your webshop and our IT system is essential. This avoids cumbersome file transfers. We take care of establishing the link, so that we can view all orders in our order processing software.

Fulfilment based on trust, cancellable on a daily basis.

  • Cancellable on a daily basis, open-ended contract. We do business based on trust.
  • Shipping and returns from as little as £2.95 per order.
  • 20 years of experience. Our reliability rate has a score of 99.98 percent.
  • Our fulfilment takes care of your entire logistics process in accordance with your requirements.
  • Experience real-time insights into the status of your orders and purchase the correct stock using our smart software.
  • Your own account manager at the branch where your products are stored, your dedicated point of contact!
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Free quote

  • Receive a quote within one day!

Focus on sustainability

Naturally, Monta works without order pick lists during the entire order picking process. Generally, an order is picked via a barcode scanner and then assigned to a specific ‘shopping basket’ by a put-to-light system. To be precise, we work using the following picking methods:

  • Single order picking;
  • Batch picking using a cart with x number of crates;
  • Bulk picking and then sorting via e-checkwall;
  • Goods-to-man picking method and then sorting via e-checkwall.

We also try to pack to size as much as possible, so that little or even no padding is needed. We work with packing machines that pack to size very precisely. This means the delivery drivers do less driving for the same number of packages! So, if you choose Monta, you choose fulfilment with a focus on sustainable operations. CSR is very important to us.

Focus on sustainability
Adding products during-the final inspection process

Adding products during the final inspection process

Monta gives you the option of adding additional items when packaging the products. This allows you, as a webshop, to include targeted advertising. It may be an extra product, or a discount voucher for a subsequent order. Because these products are added afterwards, no mistakes are made when the order picking trolley is driven around – this is one of the reasons why we have a 99.98 percent performance guarantee.

After order picking, every shipment is re-checked at our e-check station before the goods are packed. Here, all barcodes are carefully checked once again, so you can rely on us! Moreover, it’s possible to register the serial number. We always register a serial number for electronic items. This serial number is unique to each individual device. We make sure we register the serial number at the outbound stage, i.e. when the order is packed for shipment. Now we know the exact destination of that particular device.

Portal to access your information

We have a webshop data dashboard, the Monta portal, where you can track our services in real time. Here, we display, among other things, details of your goods receipt, stock, processed orders, shipped orders and your returns.

For the shipment of your products, we have standard links in place with various carriers, enabling pre-notifications, shipping labels and track & trace information to be created without any problems. View all webshop order carriers.

Portal to access your information