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Trunkrs integration  

Do you want to further optimize the ordering experience for your customers? By choosing an integration with Trunkrs, orders can be delivered the next day or even on the same day to your customers! Synchronize your webshop with Monta and Trunkrs, and we will ensure that all your orders are delivered to the customer in a timely manner, packed with care. 

 Multiple European warehouse locations
99.98% reliability rate, since 1999
Worldwide shipping

Why choose Trunkrs via Monta?   

Our IT specialists have already developed a standard integration for this carrier. It's very easy to synchronize with Trunkrs from our MontaPortal. Enhance your shipping options and offer super-fast delivery for your orders.  

  • Same Day Delivery: Trunkrs is one of the few courier services that offer Same Day Delivery. Orders are picked up from our warehouse in the late morning and delivered to the customer on the same evening. This increases the likelihood of conversion and provides an extra service to your customers. 
  • Next Day Delivery: In addition to Same Day Delivery, Trunkrs also offers Next Day Delivery. The orders are collected along with the Same Day Delivery, but are delivered later. The shipments ordered the previous evening are packed and dispatched the next morning. 
  • Trunkrs does not deliver on weekends, only from Monday to Friday. 
Why choose Trunkrs via Monta  
Trunkrs' benefits

Track your orders at all times  

Do you want to provide your customers with the desired products even faster? With Trunkrs, orders are delivered on the same day. Trunkrs delivers from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. This time frame is chosen for a specific reason: most people are at home during these hours. In addition, customers can always stay informed about the exact delivery moment. From the moment the driver starts driving, the customer can track the delivery driver via Track & Trace. It is also possible to ask questions about the shipment, which will be answered by an AI system. This allows the driver to focus on the delivery, while keeping your customer informed. Convenient, isn't it? 

Summary of Trunkrs' various benefits: 

  • Fast delivery: Same Day Delivery and Next Day Delivery 
  • Real-time tracking of orders 
  • 99% of packages are delivered on time 
  • Delivery with a focus on sustainability 

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What is Trunkrs?  

Trunkrs is a relatively new player in the market. Founded in 2015, but with a clear vision. The founders aimed to make package delivery in the Netherlands more customer-friendly. They noticed that customers often had little control over the delivery process. Trunkrs believes that this process can be improved, accelerated, and made more customer-friendly. Sustainability is also an important pillar for Trunkrs. Their goal is to achieve emission-free delivery. 

Ready to get started? 

Outsource your fulfillment and choose Trunkrs as your carrier. We can easily establish the integration, and within minutes, your webshop will be connected with Monta's software and Trunkrs as the carrier! Manage your webshop, carriers, and marketplaces through our MontaPortal. Need more information? Our team is happy to assist you with a demo. Request a demo via our website or contact us. 

What is Trunkrs