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ERP integration

Bring together the various business processes of your webshop with a single ERP system. By properly integrating everything, everyone has the same overview, significantly reducing error margins. By integrating your webshop with an ERP system, you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently as an organization. Processes are automated, allowing your e-commerce business to grow even better. Want to grow even faster? Outsource your order processing. Monta takes care of everything on the logistics front.

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What is an ERP system?

In short, an ERP system stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It involves automating the business processes of your organization. Whether you operate in one country or globally, the ERP system ensures that all employees and stakeholders have access to the same information regarding orders, delivery times, inventory levels, sales, and personnel. All data is collected and presented in a clear and organized manner by the ERP system. By outsourcing your order processing, you can achieve better order fulfillment and experience increased productivity. This can be done with Monta. We can establish a connection between our software and your ERP system.

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The different ERP systems

We have already established standard integrations for various ERP systems. Each system has unique functionalities. A connection that aligns with the system’s functionalities is crucial for a successful integration. If your warehouse operates on an ERP system, it is easy to integrate with Monta’s software. Below is an overview of integrations with ERP systems.

Curious about the functionalities and features of a specific ERP system? Click on one of the systems below.

  • Exact
  • AFAS
  • Colect
  • Itsperfect

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Custom ERP integration

Looking for a custom ERP integration that better suits your needs? We’d love to hear from you! Our team of dozens of IT professionals also develops custom ERP integrations. With our years of experience and knowledge of ERP systems, there are many possibilities.

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The benefits of smart ERP solutions

Is the error rate in your order processing still too high? Or is there simply not enough time to process orders on time? Choose to outsource your fulfillment to Monta and experience the following benefits:

  • Real-time insights into the status of all your orders.
  • Choose your own carriers.
  • Inventory visibility, inventory advice, and customized (predictive) reporting.
  • For the Benelux region, we can offer a cut-off time until 23:45.
  • One platform for your ERP system and other internal systems.
  • Utilize our returns module or outsource your returns processing to us.
  • Standard integrations with various ERP systems.

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Working from a convenient portal? No longer worry about order processing and have more time for other important business processes? Choose to outsource your fulfillment to Monta. We establish a standard integration between your ERP system and our warehouse. Always have access to real-time product, price, and inventory information, anytime and anywhere. Get in touch or request a demo and discover the benefits of Monta for your webshop.

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