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Lightspeed Integration 

Synchronize your Lightspeed webshop with our integration and enjoy optimal user convenience. All relevant information, such as the status of your online orders and inventory data, is made visible in real time. With just one click, you’ll have the desired overview. Improve the logistics of your webshop and outsource your order processing to Monta! 

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Lightspeed; what is it? 

Lightspeed develops sales software for webshop owners, restaurants, and retailers. The platform is ideal for businesses that want to operate in the Netherlands and beyond. The software’s focus is entirely on the marketing and sales of a webshop. 

Why should you connect your webshop with Monta 

Why should you connect your webshop with Monta? 

Is your webshop experiencing significant growth, and is it taking more and more time to manage the entire order processing effectively? Outsourcing your logistics can be an attractive option. Monta is ready to take care of the logistics of your webshop. With multiple locations in the Netherlands, we handle the storage, picking, packaging, and shipping of your webshop orders. You no longer have to worry about the process, and through our online portal, you can track the status of orders in real-time, among other things. 
Want to learn more about the integration with Lightspeed? Click here to visit Monta’s page in the Lightspeed app store. 

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The benefits of a Monta integration

If you integrate your Lightspeed webshop(s) with Monta’s software, you will experience the following benefits: 

  • Our IT specialists ensure a ready-to-use integration. With just a few clicks, Lightspeed is connected to our software. It’s fast and easy! 
  • The automated integration allows you to access product information, order status (including tracking and tracing) and inventory updates. 
  • By outsourcing your logistics process, you save a lot of time. Time that you can use for sales, marketing, and expanding your network! 
The benefits of a Monta integration
Improve the logistics of your webshop! 

Improve the logistics of your webshop! 

With more than ten orders per day, it can be challenging to keep track of everything. The order processing tasks undoubtedly require a lot of time, and it’s important to constantly monitor them. Monta is here to help and support the logistics of your webshop. We take care of the time-consuming tasks for you, while you still have visibility into the processes through our online portal. With over 15 unique locations in the Netherlands, we always have a suitable warehouse nearby. Curious about the possibilities or ready to get started? We’re always ready to provide you with expert and honest advice! Contact us via email or phone, and we’ll be happy to schedule a demo with you.