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Budbee integration  

Do you want to have your orders delivered by a professional provider with a focus on the environment? Choose Budbee as your carrier and increase your customers’ satisfaction. Monta has a standard integration with Budbee. We can take care of your order processing and automatically send orders with this carrier. Discover the benefits. 

 Multiple European warehouse locations
99.98% reliability rate, since 1999
Worldwide shipping

Shipping via Budbee: the advantages  

You can choose which delivery options you want to offer through Budbee. Budbee has tailored its delivery times to the moments when people are generally most likely to be at home. During weekdays, Budbee mainly delivers between 17:00 and 22:00. Your customers can also receive packages on Saturdays, with deliveries taking place between 14:00 and 19:00. These flexible delivery times have proven to be very successful among consumers. In total, 98% of all packages sent via Budbee are delivered on the first delivery attempt. Here are some other benefits of Budbee: 

  • Next Day Delivery and even Same Day Delivery available between 17:00 and 22:00; 
  • Environmentally conscious delivery: Budbee delivers completely CO2-neutral; 
  • Budbee’s shipping labels are automatically generated; 
  • The recipient can track the package live via the Track & Trace status; 
  • For 5 to 20 packages per day, drop-off options are available at one of Budbee’s hubs or drop-off points. 
Shipping via Budbee the advantages  
Sustainable delivery budbee

Conscious delivery  

If sustainability is important to your organization, Budbee is an interesting option. Budbee compensates for all emissions by investing in rainforest projects. Moreover, they deliver fossil-free, minimizing CO2 emissions. Instead of harmful fuels, they use a plant-based fuel and often deliver with electric vans and cargo bikes. Budbee aims to be completely emission-free by 2025. 

We establish the integration with Budbee 

Would you like your customers to enjoy the benefits mentioned above? Monta is happy to establish the integration. Our IT specialists have developed a standard integration that allows us to easily connect your webshop, Monta’s software (for the logistics part), and Budbee (as the carrier). We take care of the logistical processing, and Budbee adds an extra green touch as the carrier. 

You can also choose to ship with multiple carriers, including Budbee. In that case, the customer can choose Budbee as the carrier if you as an online entrepreneur and/or the customer value sustainability and/or want to receive the package the same day. 

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What is Budbee?  

Budbee is originally a Swedish organization but has been active in the Netherlands for some time now. With its Same Day Delivery and Next Day Delivery philosophy, this carrier has quickly made a name for itself. Budbee is a market leader in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Customer friendliness is highly valued, and the customer determines the delivery time and place. If your customers have different preferences, that’s not a problem. Budbee’s couriers are flexible and quickly adapt to the customer’s wishes. Customers can indicate their preferences via the tracking link or the Budbee app. 

Ready for the next step? 

Do you want to further grow your webshop? Monta is ready to assist you. By taking care of the complete order processing, you can focus better on other important business processes. During a demo, we would like to learn more about your wishes and challenges. Request a demo through our website or contact us. 

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