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Cyclone Integration 

At Monta, we collaborate with a variety of different carriers, including Cyclone. If you’re looking for a carrier that prioritizes the environment, the Cyclone integration with Monta is an excellent choice! Monta ensures the proper processing of your orders and swiftly and carefully sends your packages to your consumers through Cyclone. 

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Cyclone Integration via Monta    

By integrating your Cyclone account with Monta, every order is automatically synchronized. Our IT specialists have developed a standard integration with Cyclone, enabling a quick setup for your webshop. The complete integration between Monta, Cyclone, and your webshop can be operational within minutes. While our integration with Cyclone is standard, the settings within the MontaPortal can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements.

Cyclone Integration via Monta
Shipping via Cyclone with Monta

The Benefits at a Glance     

There are numerous advantages associated with shipping via Cyclone with Monta. Firstly, the sustainability aspect of delivery is a significant benefit. Furthermore, sustainability does not come at a higher cost. This method of package delivery does not incur any additional charges. Your consumers also enjoy Next Day Delivery, even with bicycle delivery. Packages are delivered by Cyclone between the time frame of 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

It’s important to note that although our fulfillment centers are located in the Netherlands and Germany, Cyclone only delivers within the Netherlands. Through a clever IT integration, we can send consumers in the Netherlands an email with information about the live location of the package and the expected delivery date.

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Our integration with Cyclone provides extensive possibilities for shipping various types of products. Regardless of the size of your webshop, Monta ensures that each product is sent on time and correctly. Choose a truly sustainable solution and have your packages delivered by Cyclone. Currently, this carrier delivers 35,000 packages per day! Want to learn more? Download the brochure here for additional data about the partnership between Cyclone and Monta.

Integration with Cyclone via Monta
Integrate your webshop with Monta

Start Benefiting Today!     

Do you want to integrate your webshop with Monta and take advantage of Cyclone’s sustainable nature? It’s possible! Our team of IT specialists can quickly establish an integration with Cyclone as the carrier. Whether you prefer a personal demo or want to get started right away, we are here to assist you. Schedule a demo today or contact us by phone. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.