GLS integration

GLS Integration 

Sync your webshop with Monta as your fulfillment partner and GLS as your carrier! By choosing a GLS integration, you can further enhance the ordering experience for your customers. It not only becomes easier for your customers, but you also experience more convenience. Complex processes are a thing of the past. Our warehouse is designed to efficiently process all orders, and GLS delivers your packages to customers quickly, both domestically and internationally. 

 Multiple European warehouse locations
99.98% reliability rate, since 1999
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Why ship with GLS using Monta?  

Our IT team has already developed a standard integration for GLS, making it very easy to synchronize GLS with your personal MontaPortal. When using the GLS integration, you will immediately experience the following benefits: 

  • GLS delivers both parcel and freight shipments. 
  • Express Parcel ensures fast delivery of your orders. 
  • Short transit times both domestically and internationally. 
  • Delivery is available not only from Monday to Friday but also on Saturdays. 
  • Flexible delivery times and options for the recipient, putting the choice in the hands of the consumer. 
  • A network of over 700 PakketShops in the Netherlands. 
  • CO2-neutral delivery and distribution. 
  • All packages and/or freight shipments can be tracked with Track & Trace. 
  • Standard insurance coverage up to €500 for consumers. 
  • Scheduled pick-ups for package collection. 
Why ship with GLS using Monta
Various shipping options with GLS

Various shipping options   

Another advantage of the Monta and GLS integration is the level of flexibility it offers. Whether you sell large, heavy products or small, lightweight items in large quantities, it doesn't matter. GLS provides various shipping options, both within the Netherlands and internationally. Our integration with GLS makes it accessible, easy, and efficient to send packages via GLS. Take advantage of one or more of the following services: 

  • GLS Parcel 
  • GLS Business Parcel 
  • GLS Euro Business Parcel 
  • Global Business Parcel 
  • GLS Express 
  • GLS Freight 
  • GLS Business Freight 
  • GLS Euro Business Freight 

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Integrate GLS with your personal MontaPortal   

If you're ready to start shipping with GLS, it can be arranged in no time. Our IT specialists are ready to help synchronize the data. Once your items are booked into our warehouses and the integration is set up between your webshop system, our software, and a carrier like GLS, your webshop can start benefiting from our fulfillment services. Within the MontaPortal, you can independently set the desired settings for the carrier(s). Everything is processed directly within our system, and we start working on it immediately. You can also configure shipping options in our portal, such as Saturday delivery, not leaving the package with neighbors, or delivery to a GLS pickup point. The GLS integration makes it all possible. 

Integrate GLS with your personal MontaPortal 
GLS: What is it? 

GLS: What is it? 

GLS, short for General Logistics Systems, has been one of the largest carriers in Europe for many years. This delivery service offers a comprehensive range of services, and you can also combine additional services. With thousands of packages delivered daily, high delivery quality is of utmost importance. Fast delivery is also a key focus for this leading carrier. 

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