A simple and fast return process is essential for optimizing the order handling in your webshop. Customers want the ability to effortlessly return products and have a seamless return experience. Luckily, you can use Monta's Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) system for this.


With Monta’s return module, your customers can easily return their orders. Thanks to the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), the most efficient return flow is established for your webshop, and returns and refunds are processed immediately and correctly. Manual handling is a thing of the past, and you have perfect visibility of your returns at all times.

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What is an RMA system

What is an RMA system?

The e-commerce world has undergone significant changes in recent years. The number of online orders continues to rise. Within a few clicks, people can order a new computer, household appliances, and clothing. As the number of orders increases, the processing of returns also becomes more important. Research shows that 41% of consumers place orders with the intention of returning (part of) the order. With an RMA system, the processing of returns becomes much simpler. Consumers can easily initiate a return and provide a reason through a personal link. They can then print a shipping label themselves and drop off the package at a pickup point or even have it picked up from their home. All of this without you as the webshop owner having to take any action!

Improve your return process with Monta’s RMA module:

With our RMA system, the customer can handle part of the administration themselves. The customer logs into the RMA module using the order number and email address and indicates which products they want to return and why. If the customer wants to exchange the item for a different size or color, a new order is automatically placed in the system so that the customer quickly receives the desired product at home. After filling out the return form, the customer receives the return label digitally. At the drop-off point, the customer shows the code, and then the package is handed over to the carrier who will return it to Monta’s warehouse. We take care of the processing from there. Once the return is received, it is immediately processed in the Montaportal. After that, the product can be resold (if approved upon inspection).

Improve your return process with Monta's RMA module
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Fully customizable:

With our RMA system, you can determine how your return policy looks. Do you want customers to be able to return orders for free or for a fee? You can set the amount of these costs yourself. Additionally, you can choose the carriers per country that you want to use. This can be set per sales channel, for example, PostNL, DHL, and Budbee for orders from the Netherlands, and Deutsche Post for orders from Germany. Our RMA module can be fully customized to match your brand’s identity, ensuring that customers recognize it and link it to your brand.

Need more information?

Thanks to the data processing in our RMA system, you gain insights into the return behavior of your customers and can see which customers generate the most revenue. These SKU-level data help you optimize your offerings and accelerate the growth of your webshop. If you want to see what Monta, including the Return Merchandise Authorization module, can do for your webshop, request a demo! We would love to hear about the challenges you face, and during the demo, we will show you how our fulfillment can assist you.