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Food fulfilment 

For food webshops, fulfilment is an excellent option to simplify and streamline the logistics process. By entrusting this process to our professionals, you have more time to focus on the growth of your webshop! From food to supplements: your customers benefit from fast delivery. Thanks to our cut-off time of 23:45 in the Benelux, your customers can order their required food items late in the evening to have them at home the next day.

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Advantages of Monta's fulfilment 

Do you sell food products and are considering outsourcing your fulfilment to an expert? Here are a few general advantages of Monta first:

What Monta offers 

Monta is a market leader in the field of fulfilment. This is what Monta can do for your webshop:

  • Automatic webshop link and any marketplace links that our IT experts arrange for you;
  • Real-time insight into the status of orders and stock via the Montaportal;
  • We completely take over your logistics with an order pick performance of 99.98%;

We now mention specific factors that come into play for food fulfilment.

Outsourcing food fulfilment via Monta
Best-before-date registration for food products

Best-before-date registration for food products

At goods receipt, we can also take into account the best before date (BBD). At Monta, we register the BBD of each product upon receipt, so that the products can no longer be sent to consumers when it has expired. As a Monta customer, you always have insight into which BBDs are about to expire in the Montaportal.

Regulated humidity and temperature 

For webshops selling food products, it is of great importance that their products are stored under certain conditions. At Monta, we can regulate the humidity and/or temperature of your storage location, depending on the type of product you sell.

Batch number registration

When receiving your food items, we can register the batch number of your products. This comes in handy when certain products need to be recalled. This can occur with cosmetics and foodstuffs. 

Smart Stock Module

Every webshop has products that sell in large numbers, but also products that are less popular. This is very annoying, because stock that does not sell takes up a lot of space and costs money. With our Smart Stock Module, you always have a good insight into your 'slow-movers' and 'death-movers', allowing you to purchase more efficiently or use specific discounts to sell the old stock before the BBD has expired. The faster these products are sold, the more space you have for your best-selling food products. And that's what you want!

Batch number registration
Fefo Fifo fulfilment monta

Method with FEFO/FIFO

When you choose fulfilment at Monta, you can choose from two methods. FEFO (first expired, first out) is recommended for products with a shelf life, such as many food items. The products that are least long-lasting are processed first in orders. This guarantees the quality of your products, keeps your customer satisfied and minimises the amount of stock you have to throw away.

If you choose FIFO (first in, first out), the products that are first booked are also the first to be sent by our order processing team. This is ideal when you work with seasonal products, for example.

Yummygums about Monta

The digital-first company Yummygums jumped on the growing trend of 'self-care' at the right time. The vitamin gums from Yummygums were a huge hit on the market: not only in the Netherlands, but also in Germany, there was a great demand for extra vitamins with a fine taste experience. To cope with the large number of orders, they became a partner of Monta. "Every day we come across new and complex issues, where Monta serves as a sparring partner for us to work in the most efficient and effective way possible. Not only for servicing our D2C customers, but also for national and international B2B customers," says Michel from Yummygums. Thanks to the collaboration with Monta, Yummygums no longer needs to focus on the logistics processes, allowing them to grow more easily both nationally and internationally!

Yummygums about Monta

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  • Our fulfilment takes care of your entire logistics process in accordance with your requirements.
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