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AFAS integration 

Looking to harness the potential of your AFAS ERP system? Synchronize it with Monta’s AFAS integration. We gladly take over all your order processes and optimize order processing where needed. With just a few clicks, the integration is processed. Curious about the possibilities? Simply get in touch. Monta’s IT specialists are ready to assist you. Quick setup, immediate operation!

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Connecting Monta with AFAS 

The uniqueness of this ERP integration lies in its complexity compared to a regular webshop system integration. All data and actions need to be accounted for. For this reason, we import purchase orders, which we continuously update. This does not occur with a webshop system integration since you don’t make purchases through a webshop system. Additionally, with the AFAS integration, we also synchronize products, sales orders, and orders from AFAS to Monta. Goods deliveries, receipts, and inventory changes are automatically synchronized from Monta to AFAS. 

Monta has developed a standard integration with AFAS. From the Montaportal, you can easily connect your webshop to AFAS. We lay the foundation, and you configure the settings according to your preferences. You’ll be up and running in just a few clicks. 

Connecting Monta with AFAS
Features after synchronization with Monta

Features after synchronization with Monta  

By synchronizing your AFAS ERP system with our integration, you gain greater control over various processes. Here’s an overview of useful features after integration with Monta: 

  • Order entry: Orders from your webshop are immediately processed and sent to our warehouse. We then ensure flawless follow-up and processing. 
  • Order management: Through the Montaportal, you have real-time visibility into the status of orders from anywhere in the world. 
  • Inventory management: Check your inventory in real-time within the system for better overview. Identify market opportunities and adjust your inventory accordingly. 
  • Track & trace orders: Track order registrations and receive automatic feedback through full integration with various national and international carriers. 
  • Smart analytics: Our software generates store analyses and reports based on available data. Monitor the performance of all your sales channels through your personalized dashboard. Improve your processes and enhance the user experience for customers. 

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Why choose AFAS? 

AFAS is a software solution that automates and manages business processes. It handles HR, payroll, order management, and accounting, all within a single system. The functionalities are suitable for both large and smaller companies. 

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Ready for the next step? Outsource your fulfillment to Monta. We’re here to assist you! Request a demo. Our specialists will gladly demonstrate the various possibilities. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

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