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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Is it true that Monta was first called Montapacking?

That’s right! From our inception in 1999, we were called Montapacking. On 1 January 2022, the name was officially changed to Monta. Want to know more about why we did this? You can read more about it in this news item.

2.What is fulfilment?

Fulfilment simply means handling orders from webshops. A customer of a webshop places an order, we receive a notification in our system and set to work. We ‘pick’ the products, as it’s called, and pack them for shipment. Want to know more? Read all about fulfilment!

3. What are your rates?

For more information on our rates, please see our rates page. There you will find information not only about our fulfilment services, but also about purchasing our software.

4. For which types of goods do you offer fulfilment services?

We offer fulfilment services for almost all types of products. Still wondering whether we can help you with your type of products? Why not get in touch and ask!

5. Which carriers do you offer?

Monta works with various carriers, such as the well-known PostNL or DHL, but also lesser-known ones such as Budbee and Trunkrs. On this page, you will find a complete overview of all the shipping parties we work with.

6. Do you also ship abroad?

Shipping abroad is also an option when you choose Monta. We work with several shipping partners who can ship your customers’ international orders.

We can easily link to the most well-known webshop platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon. But even if you use a less well-known platform, we can link it for you. Our IT specialists will be happy to help. More information about webshop links.

8.Why do you rent out your software?

For more than 20 years, we have been developing our own software and working with it in our own warehouse to complete satisfaction. We would like webshops to be able to experience the convenience of our software; both start-up webshops and those with their own warehouse.

9. What is MontaWMS?

MontaWMS is our warehouse software. We use it in our own warehouses and also offer it for rent. This allows large webshops to experience the conveniences of our software in their own warehouse. Find out more about MontaWMS.

10. Where is your head office located?

Monta operates as a decentralised company. All our warehouses operate independently to a certain extent. An overview of all our locations can be found here.

Our postal address is:

Monta Molenaarsgraaf BV

Polderweg-Oost 19

2973AN Molenaarsgraaf

We can also be reached on 085 – 020 86 90 or

11. Can I expect a personalised service?

Monta works with more than 1,500 webshops. We can understand that you might feel you are not getting a personal service. But that is not what we stand for. This is because Monta works as a decentralised company, which means that your items are stored in one of our warehouses, and you are assigned your own dedicated contact person. This allows us to keep the lines of communication between us short.

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