Fulfilment rates

Fulfilment rates

Monta can offer fulfilment services from as little as £2.95 per order. Request a quote today and you’ll receive more information within 1 day.

As a fulfilment partner, we can take care of everything for webshops: from stock storage, to packing orders, shipping orders and even arranging returns.

Want to outsource only specific elements? No problem. Simply complete the form and we will find you a customised solution.

With fulfilment services from Monta, you’ll be able to fully engage in the growth of your webshop.


For over 20 years, Monta has been developing proprietary warehouse software. We can now also offer this software to webshops that carry out their own fulfilment.


For the big players, we have MontaWMS. Their webshops can use our software and hardware in their own warehouses. Want to know more about MontaWMS?

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As a fulfilment partner, we also arrange shipping. This too is included in the all-in fulfilment costs. There are many different options, such as pick-up points, evening deliveries and automatic parcel lockers. In addition to many forms of delivery, we also have flexible cut-off times. Monta offers you the choice of a cut-off time up until 11:45 P.M. Should the product ordered not be what the end user wants, or if it does not fit, for example, an efficient returns procedure is essential for webshops. Here, too, fulfilment partner Monta offers the best solutions. A webshop’s end user satisfaction is often determined by the way returns are handled. A correct returns procedure is essential.

Returns are an important part of fulfilment

As already mentioned, we take care of everything from processing and delivery to returns. Our fulfilment costs are all-in. This starts with a well-organised link between us and your online shop. For this we can rely on the expertise of our IT department. They will ensure that the link between your webshop and the system of your fulfilment partner, Monta, is implemented correctly. Next, we will receive your goods, which are then carefully counted, checked and stored. We will manage your stock and provide a real-time overview. You will know the exact quantity of each product you have in stock, and you will not be working with outdated information. As soon as an order arrives, we set to work. We check the product one more time before it’s packed and sent to the end user. If required, we gift wrap the order, add handwritten cards, or use protective packaging materials. 

The fulfilment process explained

Of course, fulfilment is about much more than just fulfilment costs. Which is why we are happy to explain the fulfilment process. This will give you a clear picture of how your customer’s package is processed using Monta’s service options.

  • Webshop link to Zalando and/or Amazon;
  • Connection to our Monta portal – your webshop dashboard;
  • Performance guarantee of 99.98 percent.

All-in-fulfilment with a 99.98 percent performance guarantee, options for webshop links with Amazon and Zalando and live insight into, among other things, your webshop’s orders, shipments and stock, thanks to our Monta portal. It really is possible!

Monta is offering you the opportunity to switch from your current fulfilment partner to Monta at the most competitive rates. Thanks to the scale of our business and our sophisticated IT systems, we can offer total fulfilment services for your webshop at extremely competitive rates.

All-in fulfilment

Of course, you don’t want prices that keep fluctuating, or to be more expensive than your competitors. This is why Monta works with clear, transparent fulfilment costs. We also work with fixed costs.

  • Transparency in costs;
  • Speed of operations;
  • Very high reliability;
  • The customer is in control.

Monta is a specialist in fulfilment for webshops and packaging and is the ultimate e-commerce company in logistics. There are many benefits to fulfilment, but the four most important ones offered by our company are:

Monta fulfilment costs

We operate from several independent e-commerce warehouses in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom and handle the processing and delivery of customers’ orders worldwide. At Monta, we’re all about making logistics simpler, smarter, and more sustainable for everyone.

Fulfilment costs

How to get started with fulfilment?

Fulfilment based on trust, cancellable on a daily basis.

  • Cancellable on a daily basis, open-ended contract. We do business based on trust.
  • Shipping and returns from as little as £2.95 per order.
  • 20 years of experience. Our reliability rate has a score of 99.98 percent.
  • Our fulfilment takes care of your entire logistics process in accordance with your requirements.
  • Experience real-time insights into the status of your orders and purchase the correct stock using our smart software.
  • Your own account manager at the branch where your products are stored, your dedicated point of contact!
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