Shopware integration

Shopware Integration 

Is your Shopware online store growing fast? Does it take a lot of time to process all orders and is your order processing in need of an upgrade? Outsource it at Monta! By linking your Shopware online store to our software, you benefit from a streamlined setup. Everything related to orders, purchasing, and processing is taken care of. Get more control over your online store and grow even faster! 

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The Shopware Integration from Monta 

The Monta team has developed a standard integration with Shopware. This promotes the entry process, you can start almost immediately. An expensive implementation that takes a lot of time is a thing of the past. Our specialists can arrange the integration with a few clicks. Once the foundation is solid, you have all the freedom to make your personal settings. Tailor the system completely based on your business, market, and customers. If you choose an integration with Shopware, you will have access to the following parts: 

  • Import product information from Shopware 
  • Update full inventory to Shopware 
  • Send out order status from Shopware to Mywebshop 
  • Send inventory updates to Shopware for products with changed stock 
  • Import orders from Shopware to the portal 
The Shopware Integration from Monta 
link your Shopware online store with Monta

Create even more value for your stakeholders 

By choosing to link your Shopware online store with Monta, you will experience various benefits. The Montaportal provides immediate insight into goods flows, stock information, order processing, returns, and much more valuable data. The customer gets a clearer view of the inventory and the order status is constantly shared. A customer thus knows even better what the status of each order is. 

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What is Shopware?  

Shopware is an open-source online store mainly developed for a pleasant customer experience. As the foundation of your online store, you can easily offer products, but that’s not all. Create a complete experience for your visitors/customers, by taking advantage of the various possibilities. Shopware grows with your business, the limits are almost endless. The flexible features allow you to fully customize the online store according to your preferences. 

Take Advantage of Interesting Opportunities  

We believe that optimal order processing is the best basis for further growth of your online store. Do you also want to grow in size and turnover? Request a demo. Our specialists are happy to demonstrate the various possibilities. Contact us to schedule an appointment.  

What is Shopware