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Marketplace integration

Is your webshop active on a (international) marketplace? Even in that case, it is possible to outsource your fulfillment and integrate your webshop with our systems. National marketplaces can include platforms like Bol.com, Fonq, and Blokker (the last two are facilitated through the integration with Mirakl). Examples of international marketplaces are Zalando (via the integration with ChannelEngine) and Amazon. We can handle both Zalando and Amazon for the whole of Europe. For Amazon, we also offer fulfillment for Amazon Prime. Plenty of possibilities!

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Grow your revenue by integrating with marketplaces

By connecting your webshop to major marketplaces, you undoubtedly reach millions of Dutch and/or European consumers. You don't have to make significant investments to achieve this. Once the orders start coming in, it may be interesting to outsource your fulfillment to Monta. With our marketplace integrations, we are prepared for everything. Within minutes, your webshop and the marketplaces where you sell will be connected to Monta's software. Our IT professionals ensure seamless integration. Orders are automated and processed in real-time. The result? Extra revenue without extra work!

Grow your revenue by integrating with marketplaces | Monta
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We integrate with these marketplaces:

Monta has developed standard integrations for the following marketplaces. These include both national and international marketplaces. Click on one of the channels to learn more about the features we offer per platform.

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Need a custom marketplace integration?

Is your webshop active on a marketplace other than the ones mentioned above, but you still want to connect that specific marketplace to Monta's systems so you can benefit from our fulfillment services? We would be happy to discuss your requirements and in such cases, we can develop a custom integration.

We aim to take care of all your logistical concerns, allowing you to focus even better on other business processes. We handle the entire fulfillment process, from storage to returns. Together, we'll take the next step!

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Easy to use

If you choose to integrate with Monta, you will also gain access to our MontaPortal. This is a convenient, user-friendly system that provides an overview of all the important data. Planning to sell products on a new marketplace? Simply select the marketplace, and we will establish the integration. In some cases, a custom integration may be required. Just let us know, as almost anything is possible!

Our team is here to assist you in setting up your account and connecting your webshop system, marketplaces, ERP system, and the carriers you wish to use for shipping.

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Every webshop is unique, and their objectives may vary as well. Each system has different functionalities and possibilities. Want to know what's possible? During a personalized demonstration, we would be delighted to introduce you to the capabilities and answer all your questions. Interested? Request a demo now.

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