CCV Integration

CCV Shop Integration 

Get more insights into your e-commerce logistics processes and generate more revenue by integrating your CCV Shop webshop system with Monta’s software. Manage and optimize all your channels from our Montaportal. Gain a clear overview of your orders and save time by outsourcing your order processing. Our IT specialists are ready to establish the CCV Shop integration with Monta. It’s quickly done! 

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What is the value of CCV Shop?  

CCV Shop offers an all-in-one solution for webshops. When you have a webshop system through CCV Shop, you pay a fixed monthly fee. In return, you get the complete package, including hosting, updates, support, and other tools that help in running an online store. Within CCV Shop, it is possible to add integrations and other customizations. At Monta, we provide a ready-made CCV Shop integration. Customize your online webshop according to your preferences and enhance the user experience for your customers!  

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Monta integration with CCV Shop 

When you receive ten or even dozens of orders on a daily basis, it becomes challenging to constantly monitor everything. However, it is crucial to maintain an overview in order to minimize the error margin. Manually entering and processing orders is nearly impossible. That’s where Monta comes in! We are more than happy to take care of the complete order processing, while you still have access to relevant and real-time information through our Monta portal. The integration is ready for implementation right away. One of our IT specialists will assist you in setting up the foundation, and then we will hand back control to you. 

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Various functionalities after integration with Monta 

By synchronizing your CCV Shop with our webshop integration, you will immediately gain more visibility. Here are some examples of the functionalities you can expect: 

  • Order entry: Orders from your webshop are processed immediately and sent to our warehouse. We ensure flawless processing. 
  • Order management: Through our Montaportal, you have real-time visibility into the status of your orders from anywhere in the world. 
  • Inventory management: Check your real-time inventory in the system for better overview. Gain insights into your slow-moving and stagnant inventory and make informed decisions. 
  • Track & Trace orders: Gain visibility into order tracking and automatic updates through seamless integration with various national and international carriers. 
  • Smart analytics: Our software provides (predictive) reports based on available data. Monitor the performance of your products across all sales channels through your personalized dashboard. By leveraging this information, you can improve your processes and enhance the customer experience. 
Integration with monta

Start improving today! 

We believe that optimal order processing is the best foundation for further growth of your webshop. Do you also want to grow in size and revenue? Request a demo. Our specialists are happy to demonstrate the various possibilities. Contact us to schedule an appointment.