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Fastest growing e-commerce company

Monta is an e-commerce company that offers a range of logistics services to over 1,800 online shops.

In terms of fulfilment, we operate from 17 independent e-commerce warehouses, and handle the processing and delivery of online orders worldwide. We also rent out our proprietary software, which Monta has been working with in our warehouses for many years. We rent the software to customers who have their own warehouses.

Monta’s success

Monta’s key success factor lies in the genuine interest the organisation has in its customers.

Monta focuses entirely on the customer’s needs, and offers its customers the opportunity to experience real growth. We also pay sincere attention to our staff: we pursue a personnel policy aimed at creating long-term relationships.

Distributing responsibilities among the lower echelons in the organisation has created a very high level of commitment and entrepreneurship among employees. As a result, we have well-trained, enthusiastic, committed and customer-oriented employees.

Monta’s core values

Monta’s core values are enthusiasm & excellence. This is exactly how we approach everything at Monta.

  • We work with – and exude – passion.
  • We combine all our knowledge to achieve the very best.
  • We all strive to keep improving.
  • We are ambitious and seize opportunities.

Another typical Monta characteristic: innovation. Monta is highly technology-driven; we invest heavily in IT, work with robots and use artificial intelligence-based software.

You might be interested in knowing what we do in terms of people and the environment. If so, please click through to this page: Monta and CSR.

Monta succes



In 1999, the current owner, Edwin van der Ham, began by packing orders for Worldonline. Due to the large number of packing orders, he started his own company: Montapacking, currently Monta.



In 2000, the Internet began to grow exponentially, which meant that a far greater packaging capacity was needed to pack CDs for various internet providers. Edwin and his Montapacking company seized that opportunity. He also set up a department to package by machine in addition to manual packaging.

Monta history

B2B logistics

In 2006, Montapacking started its logistic activities for B2B customers. In addition to packaging products, there was a market demand for the storage and shipping of products to the distribution centres of our clients’ customers. Initially, these were only business-to-business orders. In the years that followed, there was an increasing demand from the market for fulfilment.

B2b Monta

Getting started

Fulfilment requests from various online shops were combined, allowing the costs to be reduced. The first fulfilment orders were processed in 2012. From here on, growth accelerated enormously. In the following years, many additional branches were added at various locations. The decision to operate as a decentralised provider has proved to be a good one; it allows us to stay in direct contact with the customer and maintain a personal service.

Monta start


In 2021, we introduced our in-house developed software to the market. We have been using this software for some time in our own warehouses to handle our customers’ fulfilment. By working with many developers, making large investments in software and hardware, and after more than 20 years’ experience in this field, we were increasingly receiving requests from companies asking if they could use our software in their own warehouses. And so since 2021, we have been renting out our software; MontaWMS. For smaller webshops, we have MontaConnect.

Software monta WMS


On 1 January 2022, the name Montapacking was changed to Monta. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the name Monta was already often being used both internally and externally before the name change. Another reason is that initially the company focused on packaging orders. We still do that, but we also do so much more. As mentioned above, in addition to fulfilment, we are also putting more work into software. Monta is now used as an all-encompassing name for the fulfilment branch and the software..

Fulfilment and monta

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