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Social Responsibility.

Monta has been engaged in corporate social responsibility since its inception in 1999. Monta has an ongoing collaboration with various sheltered workshops. At least 10 percent of the employees hired are people at a distance from the labour market.

Monta sees it as its duty as a regional employer to provide an opportunity for those with intellectual or physical disabilities. Because not all work is suitable for these employees, Monta has created separate areas and adapted workplaces at various branches where employees can work, sometimes under professional supervision.

Our employees with intellectual disabilities are given specific packing activities; such as building displays, packing cards and packing sweets. These employees are also in charge of catering at all our branches. Practice has shown us in recent years that these colleagues carry out their activities at our premises with great care and precision.

Workplace adaptations have been made for employees with physical disabilities. Take Eric, for example. Eric has been deaf since birth, and is a logistics employee at our Enschede branch. Read his story here.

Monta's goal is to involve these employees as much as possible in the day-to-day operations, making them part of the overall team.

Monta collaborates with a large number of agencies; below we have highlighted our collaboration with 2 such agencies.

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Sterk @ Werk

Sterk@Werk is a small-scale form of guided work activity for young people aged 16 to 30, who have certain disabilities. These young people are assisted and guided during the work activities they perform at one of our workplaces. Their goal is: ‘Development of their skills and capabilities in a real work environment, possibly resulting in a transfer to another company.’

Monta is one such workplace. At Monta, these young people learn how to cope with structure and responsibility. They help with packing goods, assembling packages, and organising work in preparation for completion by other employees at Monta. They can progress to becoming order pickers at Monta, for example. This has already been achieved many times, and is something we are extremely proud of.

Want more info about Sterk@Werk visit sterkatwerk.nl

MVO monta


SOVAK is a care organisation which supports people with intellectual disabilities, as they are more at a distance from the labour market. Through SOVAK, people aged 18 and over with a mild to moderate intellectual disability are offered work at Monta. They dedicate themselves as full employees; and that's how we think of them. They are colleagues and hard-working employees of whom Monta is proud.

New SOVAK employees complete a 3-month internship to see whether the work suits them. They learn to work more or less independently. Being employed at Monta promotes integration and interaction between clients and society.

Want more info about SOVAK? Visit www.sovak.nl.

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Local sponsorship

We sponsor local activities and events in the communities in the vicinity of our branches. We always do this in the interest of our employees: we value sponsorships in which our employees play a role, either directly or indirectly.


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