Izipack integration

Izipack Integration  

Monta has developed a standard integration with Izipack. This means that your orders can now be processed, shipped, and delivered even faster. By outsourcing your order processing to Monta, you’ll have more time for other business processes and can significantly grow your business. Monta, together with Izipack, ensures the proper handling of your orders. Curious about the added value of an Izipack integration with Monta? Read on. 

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Shipping with Izipack and Monta Integration    

By choosing the Izipack integration with Monta, you can provide your customers with excellent delivery of online orders. Izipack offers not only fast delivery but also other advantages. Here are these benefits further elaborated: 

  • XL and odd-sized deliveries: Izipack focuses on large packages or packages with non-standard dimensions. 
  • Available in the Netherlands and Belgium: Izipack delivers not only within the Dutch borders but also in Belgium. Your large, non-standard packages can easily be delivered in Belgium as well. 
  • Flexible tailored solutions: Izipack is eager to collaborate with you on your logistics processes. Both Monta and Izipack provide customized solutions. 
Shipping with Izipack and Monta Integration
Izipack integration with Monta

More than just transportation      

At Monta, an Izipack integration is quickly and easily set up. We take care of the entire order processing, from the moment the order is received to customer satisfaction. Once we receive the order, we ensure its processing. We gather the desired products and package them correctly. Subsequently, we send the package through Izipack. Through the connected MontaPortal, you can always view the current order status. Moreover, you have the freedom to adjust the carrier settings within the Portal according to your preferences. We ensure that these adjustments are immediately reflected in our operations. 

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What is Izipack?  

Izipack was founded in 2018 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs. After having been successful in their respective businesses, they decided to join forces and establish Logistic Ventures, which led to the creation of Izipack. 

The founders have extensive knowledge and a solid customer base in both the fintech and logistics sectors. 

Ready for the next step? 

At Monta, we strive to take the next step for your webshop together with you. By outsourcing your fulfillment to Monta, we ensure optimal order processing, while Izipack delivers your orders in the right manner. Can we be of assistance to you? Don’t hesitate and request an online demo today or contact us. We are excited to start working for you! 

What is Izipack?