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Asendia integration  

Do you value CO2-neutral delivery and a professional approach? Consider having your orders delivered by Asendia. Monta has developed a standard integration with Asendia, allowing us to handle your order processing and ship directly with this carrier. Curious about the benefits?  

 Multiple European warehouse locations
99.98% reliability rate, since 1999
Worldwide shipping

Shipping via Asendia with Monta  

Our IT specialists have developed a standard integration with Asendia, making it easy for us to synchronize orders between our warehouse and Asendia. By using our Asendia integration, you can immediately enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Asendia delivers internationally 
  • More than 200 destinations 
  • Short delivery times domestically and internationally 
  • Flexible delivery times and options for the recipient 
  • CO2-neutral delivery and distribution 
  • Package and/or freight shipments can be tracked with Track & Trace. 
Shipping via Asendia with Monta 
Shipping options with monta

Shipping options at a glance   

Asendia offers various services tailored to every webshop’s needs. They offer four types of services, starting with the standard shipment (E-PAQ Standard), which covers packages up to 2 kg and provides global coverage. E-PAQ Plus is suitable for webshops where Track & Trace is important. E-PAQ Select and E-PAQ Elite are services for webshops that prioritize fast delivery, optimized Track & Trace, and heavy packages. Here are the different services:

  • E-PAQ Standard: The most cost-effective international parcel delivery service, with basic Track & Trace; ideal for lower-value purchases. 
  • E-PAQ Plus: The budget-friendly solution for situations where extensive Track & Trace is desired. 
  • E-PAQ Select: A fast and excellent Track & Trace parcel service for shipping to many of the world’s key e-commerce destinations. 
  • E-PAQ Elite: The fastest and most comprehensive delivery service in the Asendia e-commerce range. 

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Integrate Asendia into your personal MontaPortal 

Interested in shipping with Asendia? We’re here to help! With our standard integration, everything can be synchronized in no time. Once the integration is fully operational between your webshop system, our logistics services, and the carrier, you can start using our MontaPortal. This is a personalized environment where you can view the status of all orders in one overview. Within the MontaPortal, you can independently adjust the desired settings. Select the preferred shipping options, and we’ll implement them for you right away. 

Integrate Asendia into your personal MontaPortal 
What is Asendia

What is Asendia?    

Asendia is a company that provides international mail, parcel, and e-commerce solutions to businesses. It was established in 2012 as a joint venture between La Poste (the French postal service) and Swiss Post (the Swiss postal service). Asendia is headquartered in Switzerland, with offices and branches in various countries worldwide. 

Ready for the next step? 

If you’re looking to outsource your order processing and have your orders shipped by Asendia, Monta is the right place for you. We’d be happy to explain our process in more detail during a personal demo. Want to learn more? Contact us or request a no-obligation demo!