DPD integration

Dynalogic integration  

Monta has developed a standard integration with Dynalogic. Your orders will be processed, shipped, and delivered even faster. Choose to outsource your order processing and gain more time for other business processes! Monta and Dynalogic ensure the proper handling of your orders. Curious about the added value of a Dynalogic integration with Monta? Read on. 

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Shipping with Dynalogic and Monta integration   

By choosing a Dynalogic integration with Monta, you can provide your customers with a high-quality service. In addition to fast delivery within the Benelux, this carrier offers other advantages. Below are the further elaborated benefits:  

  • Shipping within the Benelux: Dynalogic primarily focuses on Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. By keeping the delivery area smaller, Dynalogic Personalized Logistics can be guaranteed. 
  • AnyTime delivery: AnyTime delivery truly means AnyTime delivery. Upon the sender’s request, consumers can receive their orders on the same day or evening. 
  • More than just delivery: Dynalogic goes beyond just delivery. Full-service delivery means that assembly and installation are also an option for large orders. Ideal for larger products! 
  • Real-time tracking: With Dynalogic’s real-time track & trace service, you and your customers will always be informed about the current order status. 
Shipping with Dynalogic and Monta integration
Orderprocessing with monta

More than just delivery    

Setting up a Dynalogic integration with Monta is a breeze. Monta takes care of the entire order processing. It starts with receiving the order and ends with a satisfied customer. Once the order is received, we prepare the package. The desired products are immediately collected and properly packaged. You can always view the current order status in the connected MontaPortal. Additionally, you have the freedom to customize and adjust the carrier settings within this Portal according to your preferences. We ensure that everything is processed immediately in our operations. 

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What is Dynalogic?  

Dynalogic is a Dutch courier company specialized in delivering large, heavy, and/or valuable goods. The company was founded in 2005 and is part of the DynaGroup holding. Dynalogic serves various clients in different sectors, including retail, e-commerce, medical equipment, and construction materials. The company is based in Nuth and has several other locations in the Netherlands.

The reliable partner for your webshop  

Our goal is to take the next step with your webshop together. Outsource your fulfillment to Monta, and we will ensure optimal order processing. Dynalogic will deliver your orders in the right way. Can we be of assistance to you? Request an online demo today or contact us here. We are ready to get started.  

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