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Fulfilment to us means that we handle all the logistics for your webshop – from product storage, packing and shipping orders to dealing with returns. Monta helps webshops of all levels, from 2,000 to 2 million+ orders per year. Every package is equally important!

What is fulfilment?

Perhaps you’re new to the world of fulfilment. What exactly does fulfilment mean?

Fulfilment comprises the entire logistical order-handling process: from the moment goods are received at a warehouse, to the moment they are shipped to the end user.

Basically, the entire process from entering orders in the backorder system via online shops or other sales, to the carrier delivering the order to the end user’s door.

What is fulfilment
When would you opt for fulfilment

When would you opt for fulfilment for your webshop?

If your webshop’s online sales are increasing, then it would be a good idea to choose fulfilment. A growing webshop can be very hectic: from purchasing and storage to marketing and promotions. Not to mention testing samples, arranging shipping, maintaining customer contact and processing returns.

A fulfilment partner takes care of everything concerning a webshop: from storage, to packing orders, shipping orders and even organising returns. This allows you to concentrate on growing your webshop.

What our customers say about us

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“A strategic partnership enables rapid growth” – iBood.

“It’s a relief that we no longer need to worry about logistics; we now know that everything is organised, even during such peak periods as Cyber Monday, Black Friday and throughout the festive season.”

Read the interview with Rogier van Egmond here – iBood’s Chief Operating Officer.

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What does fulfilment mean?
The fulfilment process explained in 9 steps!

With fulfilment, Monta takes care of the complete logistical completion of your webshop orders. From the time we receive your stock into one of our warehouses, right up to the moment the products are shipped to the end user.

Fulfilment starts with IT – step 1

The most important part of fulfilment software is IT. The link between your ordering system and webshop and Monta’s warehouse is an important part of fulfilment. In addition, IT communication with the carrier and the end user is crucial. End users expect to be kept updated regarding the status of their package.

The link between your ordering system and webshop and Monta’s warehouse is an important part of fulfilment. In addition, IT communication with the carrier and the end user is crucial. End users like to be continuously updated about the status of the shipment and delivery of their packages.

Efficient receipt of goods – step 2

The next step in the fulfilment process involves the receipt of the goods. The goods that arrive are counted, carefully checked for damage, tested if necessary, booked in and stored in their correct location in the warehouse. This allows us to keep track of which goods are in the warehouse, and also enables us to keep you updated as accurately as possible.

Smart storage of goods – step 3

Fulfilment involves storing goods in the warehouse. Different conditions apply to storage of different kinds of goods. For example, the storage of clothing differs from the storage of electronics. That’s why we talk about different types of locations, such as pallet locations, shelf locations and bin locations. Unique barcodes are used to identify all locations. All goods are stored in the warehouse in such a way that they are in the most efficient location.

With the help of smart, self-learning software, continuous optimisation is an ongoing process within the warehouse.

Lightning-fast order processing is essential – step 4

Order processing literally means the processing of an order within the fulfilment process. This part of fulfilment involves order picking in the warehouse, and an additional check of items before they are packed. Order picking must also be as fast and efficient as possible. For example, orders that come in at two minutes before midnight must leave the warehouse by a quarter past midnight. In fact, these orders will be delivered to the end user within a few hours.

Error-free packing – step 5

The next part of fulfilment is packing the order. Wrapping or packing an order can be done in various ways. It can simply be packaged in a shipping box, but there is also the option for the orders to be gift-wrapped, personalised handwritten cards can be added, packages can be sealed, or the order can be shipped in very specific protective packaging materials. During packing, we re-check that all items match the customer’s order. After all, the customer should never receive a different product from the one ordered.

The fulfilment process in 80 seconds

Shipping until shortly before midnight – step 6

The order is delivered to a carrier. Nowadays, there is a wide choice of carriers, each with their own specific logistics features, such as pick-up locations, evening deliveries, and automatic parcel lockers. All this is supported by Monta, the fulfilment experts. In fact, we have a great impact on the cut-off times. The cut-off time is the time up until when orders that arrive and are still processed the same day. Monta can maintain a cut-off time at 23:45h. All orders up until that time are immediately shipped the same day.

Efficient returns logistics keeps your buyers happy – step 7

An end user’s satisfaction with a webshop is often largely determined by how returns are handled. Fulfilment also plays an important role here. This process needs to be well-organised and fast. An end user who decides they want the blue jacket instead of the purple jacket must receive that blue jacket as quickly as possible. If an end user requests a refund, then this should be dealt with immediately.

Flawless stock management is an essential part of fulfilment – step 8

When end users buy something online they generally assume that the product they order will be in stock and shipped immediately. A 100 percent reliable stock is therefore essential. As a webshop owner, you want to be able to monitor and track stock clearly and in real time. Information on your stock status can change from one minute to the next. In that one minute, an item may already have been sold.

In addition to reliable, physical stock, it is also very important that the correct amount of stock will be replenished in the near future. Smart calculations are used to predict as accurately as possible how high the stock level should be. These calculations take into account a range of variables, such as the season, products sold per day, discount offers and more.

Stay in control with real-time fulfilment reports – step 9

As a webshop owner, you need feedback in the form of clear real-time fulfilment reports. You will have the answers to questions such as ‘what is the status of open orders?’ and ‘what is the status of my stock?’. Track and trace codes, dynamic forecasts and the status of returns are also included in the report..

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Customised fulfilment or all-in fulfilment?

The fulfilment process – exactly how you want it.

Fulfilment services on your terms

Monta gives you a choice of either customised fulfilment or all-in fulfilment. Each has its own specific advantages. We would like to briefly explain the main difference.

  • Customised fulfilment
    Customised fulfilment includes options for each step in our process. We go through the options together, and you specify the entire process. Perfect if you want to stay in control!
  • All-in fulfilment
    If you choose all-in fulfilment, then some decisions are made for you. Naturally our experts will always choose what is best for you. Useful if you are too busy and would like to outsource without having to worry about anything.

“We are ready for the future” – BALR

“The hybrid solution was achieved at BALR by operating from two warehouses, focusing on B2C from one warehouse, and B2B from the other.”

Read the interview with Olaf Berendsen, Director of Operations at BALR.

Monta fulfilment Balr

Important to know when choosing fulfilment

We have over 23 years of experience in the field of fulfilment. The result is that we offer performance guarantees of 99.98 percent to our fulfilment customers. Because we have 14 branches, we’re never far away.

#1 – Transparency in costs

Fixed prices for each component of the fulfilment needs is the best form of transparency. Because you know the cost of each component, you can carefully consider what level of webshop pricing and marketing best suits your requirements. You can quickly weigh up whether certain adjustments, cut-off times or time-slot deliveries are cost-effective. Simple and clear.

#2 – Speed of operations

The second benefit of Monta’s fulfilment philosophy is the speed at which we work. In addition to the speed and reliability of our fulfilment work, we can also implement IT integration with your webshop within one week. This is because we have an in-house IT department that customises all software. Our IT department handles all this for you, again with the usual cost transparency.

#3 – The customer is in control

Fulfilment puts control in the hands of the end user. A webshop owner can simply choose which shipping options to offer to the end user. We offer a wide ranging choice of shippers, pick-up locations, time-slot deliveries and cut-off times, which puts your customer in control. The end user has until 23:45h to place an order and will receive the package the next working day; however there is also the option to choose a different delivery date or delivery address for the package.

#4 – Extremely high degree of reliability

An order picking performance of 99.98 percent means our reliability is very high. Our reliability is also reflected in our collaboration with webshops. We work towards the same goal together, namely an end user making a purchase at a webshop and expecting, at the very least, a perfect service. Did you know that we can create a link to almost any webshop system?

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In-house fulfilment versus outsourced fulfilment?

We thought it would be helpful to list some benefits

What type of fulfilment best suits your business?

As a fulfilment provider, we are naturally slightly biased in the choice of whether fulfilment should be retained in-house or outsourced. During our discussions, we listen to the various arguments for both choices. For this reason we thought it would be good to list some of the arguments so you can make an informed decision.

In-house fulfilment? The benefits.

The feeling that you are in control

Having the fulfilment process in-house, gives you the feeling that you’re in control. After all, you decide what happens and you can ensure that everything is carried out according to your wishes. But is your successful webshop continuing to grow? In which case, the number of orders can quickly become overwhelming. You may feel you are actually losing control; shipping all your orders takes so much effort and time that there is little time left to focus on your business.

In-house fulfilment is cheaper

Having the fulfilment process in-house, gives you the feeling that you’re in control. After all, you decide what happens and you can ensure that everything is carried out according to your wishes. But is your successful webshop continuing to grow? In which case, the number of orders can quickly become overwhelming. You may feel you are actually losing control; shipping all your orders takes so much effort and time that there is little time left to focus on your business.

Knowing exactly what you have in stock

Control over the process, quickly inspecting the stock and taking rapid action; these are the advantages of in-house fulfilment. It’s easy to take a quick look inside the warehouse to check on stock and processing. But do you actually have real-time insight into what is actually happening, and do you know your exact stock level? In practice, we see that this is not always the case. You tend to lose control of both the process and your stock as soon as order numbers increase.

You’re very flexible

When your fulfilment is in-house, you can be very flexible in your shipping. Quickly package the order, add an extra product, a handwritten card or use printed boxes. When outsourcing, these extras require fine-tuning and flexibility from the fulfilment company.


Outsourced fulfilment? The benefits.

Grow your webshop without constraints

It’s possible to grow your order numbers without compromising customer satisfaction. A fulfilment company ensures the speed and quality of shipping remains high, even if your orders suddenly triple as a result of a successful marketing campaign. You can ship as much as you want, while stocks last. The fulfilment company takes care of everything, while you sit back and enjoy the growth.

Focusing on your webshop’s growth

You can only grow your webshop by paying sufficient attention to marketing and product purchasing. You as the webshop owner, are able to focus on these aspects as you no longer need to ship your own orders.

Outsourced fulfilment soon becomes a realistic proposition

Starting from 10 orders per day, outsourcing the fulfilment process is often cheaper. The economies of scale that a fulfilment company offers, through volume purchasing and order processing, can never be achieved by an individual webshop. In addition, an excellent fulfilment company gives access to a real-time view of orders and stock. All this for a transparent all-in rate, giving you control over costs. This will avoid any unexpected surprises. Read everything about all-in-fulfilment.

Highest level of service

An excellent fulfilment company offers flexibility and the highest level of service when packaging and shipping an order. You can let the end user make their own decisions regarding the choice of carrier, a time-slot delivery, or a delivery to a pick-up point. A high volume enables a fulfilment company to offer many more options than any individual company could manage. And all with razor-sharp cut-off times until midnight!

Perfect customer communications

Our order process is communicated quickly and effectively to the end users. The end user receives an email, text message or photo confirming the order is being packaged. And that is just one part of the personalised communication process that we customise together with you for your brand and your webshop.

Peace of mind that everything has been taken care of

When dealing with a fulfilment company, the whole process is set up to process your orders quickly and efficiently, to make sure that all details are 100 percent accurate and transparent. You don’t need to concern yourself with any of this. You can continue working on the development and growth of your webshop, without interruption.

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Good to know

  • Cancellable daily, open contract – We aim to continuously provide you with the best possible service so you can benefit from our aforementioned services and benefits. For this reason, Monta has chosen to work with an open contract that can be terminated on a daily basis.
  • Late cut-off time If your customer places an order before 23:45h, the package will be received by the customer on the next working day. 
  • Your own dedicated contact – Monta considers personal contact to be extremely important. This is why you will always have a designated point of contact for all your questions. Are you struggling with an issue, or do you need help, or do you have a question you want to ask? Simply get in touch with your contact at Monta.

For Monta, fulfilment means relieving website owners of the burden of order completion throughout the entire logistics process. Our warehouses are located across the Netherlands and Germany, but we offer worldwide shipping options.

How to get started with fulfilment?

Fulfilment based on trust, cancellable on a daily basis.

  • Cancellable on a daily basis, open-ended contract. We do business based on trust.
  • Shipping and returns from as little as £2.95 per order.
  • 20 years of experience. Our reliability rate has a score of 99.98 percent.
  • Our fulfilment takes care of your entire logistics process in accordance with your requirements.
  • Experience real-time insights into the status of your orders and purchase the correct stock using our smart software.
  • Your own account manager at the branch where your products are stored, your dedicated point of contact!
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