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WooCommerce Integration 

Still manually entering orders or spending a lot of valuable time processing all orders? With more than ten orders a day, it can be difficult to maintain good and fast order processing. Outsource the complete order processing of your WooCommerce online store to Monta and experience the total solution. With our WooCommerce integration, we can make your online store run even more efficiently. Fast integration and efficient work! That’s what Monta stands for. 

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Link your WooCommerce online store with Monta 

Our team of specialists has developed a standard integration for WooCommerce. This makes it even easier to realize the integration. We arrange the basics. Manual implementation with an API is a thing of the past. Once everything has been processed, you can get started right away. Later you can adjust the settings to your own preferences. This way you create a system that fully meets your wishes and requirements, but also those of customers, suppliers and/or other partners. Of course, we also take care of all processes in the warehouse. Together we will grow even further! 

Link your WooCommerce online store with Monta 
Quick and easy WooCommerce integration 

Quick and easy WooCommerce integration 

Choosing a WooCommerce integration with Monta? Then you get access to the following parts: 

  • Importing product information from WooCommerce 
  • Updating complete stock to WooCommerce 
  • Sending the order status to WooCommerce 
  • Sending inventory updates to WooCommerce for products with a changed stock 
  • Importing orders from WooCommerce to the portal 

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Immediately benefit from seamless integration 

After the integration is complete, you can import all orders to the MontaPortal. Then you can track all important data in real-time anywhere and anytime, while we make sure all packages go out quickly and carefully packed. Other notable functionalities are: 

Automatic price and stock changes   

Monta’s WooCommerce integration automatically adjusts price and stock changes in your online store when a change is made in the software. Never manually enter data again. This way you not only save time and reduce the chance of manual errors, but you also create more overview directly! 

Predictive reports 

Our integration not only provides insight into important data, you also receive a suitable purchase advice based on all your available data from the portal after some time. Our software keeps detailed analyses and then recognizes patterns in your sales data. We also offer additional custom reports: you indicate which data you want to see and we arrange the rest. 

Immediately benefit from seamless integration 
Universal Check-out with your WooCommerce online store 

Universal Check-out with your WooCommerce online store 

Monta offers more than just the general integration with WooCommerce. It is also possible to add a Universal Check-out to your integration; this is Monta’s multi-carrier solution. This works as follows: You first select several of Monta’s partner carriers and delivery options in the online store. Then you offer the choice to the consumer. This consumer choice has a boosting effect on the conversion of the online store: most consumers prefer a specific carrier or pickup point nearby. The freedom to choose can therefore be a decisive factor to order via your online store. Click here to go to Monta’s Universal Check-out page in the WooCommerce app store. 

What is WooCommerce?  

WordPress has developed the WooCommerce plugin to set up online stores. Relatively easy to install and very easy to use. The functionalities are therefore very broad. You can sell everything with this system, physical and digital. In addition, the system is scalable and grows with you. You are fully in control. 

Get started right away or want to know more? 

Would you like to know more about the WooCommerce integration with Monta? Request a demo. Our specialists will be happy to demonstrate the various possibilities. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

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