Fulfilment for Cosmetics & Personal Care Products 

Fashion Fulfilment  

In the fashion industry, a good structure of the logistic process is important. Orders come in day in and day out, and there is often a higher return rate compared to other industries. Therefore, it’s an excellent option for fashion webshops to outsource the logistics and leave it to our professionals. While you focus on growing your webshop and brand, we ensure your customers receive their order, well-packed and at the right location. With our cut-off time of 23:45 hours in the Benelux, your customers can order their new clothing late at night and have it at home the next day. 

 Multiple European warehouse locations
99.98% reliability rate, since 1999
Worldwide shipping

Advantages of Monta’s fulfilment 

Do you sell fashion and are considering outsourcing your fulfilment to an expert? Here are some general benefits of Monta to start with:

This is what Monta offers

  • Automatic webshop connection and many marketplace connections available, which our IT experts arrange for you;
  • With Monta, you always have real-time insight into the status of orders and stock via the Monta portal;
  • We take care of your logistics completely with an order pick performance of 99.98%;
  • Return logistics can be fully outsourced to us, or you can easily arrange it via our return module.

Specific factors that come into play for fulfilment for fashion are discussed below.

Advantages of Monta's fulfilment
RMA monta


Return Management Authorization (RMA) is an important part of logistics, especially in the fashion sector. In an industry where many items are returned or exchanged, customer satisfaction greatly depends on your webshop’s return policy. As a webshop, you want this process to be quick and smooth. This can be a challenge. As a partner of Monta, you can fully outsource the return processing to Monta, or use our RMA system.

We offer the RMA module as standard in the package when you choose fulfilment at Monta. Or you leave the return policy to us, so you have more time to grow your webshop and respond to the latest trends.

Smart Stock Module  

Fashion webshops are very popular among consumers, most online purchases are made on this type of webshops. It’s no surprise that stocks can run out quickly. In addition, you’ll probably notice that not every product (or size) sells as quickly. Therefore, as a partner of Monta, use our Smart Stock module (also standard in your package). With Smart Stock, you can easily view data of your slow and stagnant stock, then with this information, you can smartly save on your storage and buy new stocks. Make optimal use of your storage space and stock management.

Good to know: In addition to smart inventory management, we also think along with you about your inventory storage. If it is necessary that we store your fashion items hanging, then we will arrange that for you!

Universal checkout

Let your customers decide how they want to pay for their order and which carrier they want to deliver their package. Also, consider the choice between home delivery and delivery at a pick-up point. Consumers greatly appreciate being able to indicate a preference. Click here for more information about the universal checkout.

Smart Stock Module 
Balr x monta

BALR. about Monta

The luxury lifestyle brand BALR. has chosen Monta for fulfilment. Efficiency, effectiveness and ease of use are paramount in this collaboration. Director of Operations BALR.: “Our order processing has become faster and more insightful through the collaboration with Monta.” In addition to fulfilment, BALR. also uses the MontaWMS software in their own warehouse. Thanks to connections between the systems, it remains simple and clear.