Fulfilment for Cosmetics & Personal Care Products 

Fulfilment for Cosmetics & Personal Care Products 

Monta offers fulfilment to webshops that sell cosmetics and/or personal care products. With a cut-off time of 23:45 within the Benelux, your customers can order their favorite serum, powder or other cosmetic product until late in the evening and have it at home the next day. Some products within cosmetics and personal care are quite expensive - think of perfumes or products from luxury brands. At Monta, these types of products can be stored with the highest degree of security, in closed spaces with a strict access code system.

 Multiple European warehouse locations
99.98% reliability rate, since 1999
Worldwide shipping

Advantages of Monta’s Fulfilment 

Are you a provider of cosmetics or personal care products and are you considering outsourcing your fulfilment to a partner with experience? These are some general benefits of Monta: 

Monta offers 

Monta is the market leader in fulfilment. This is what Monta can do for your webshop: 

  • Automatic webshop link and any marketplace links that our IT experts arrange for you; 
  • Real-time insight into the status of orders and stock via the Montaportal; 
  • We completely take over your logistics with an order pick performance of 99.98%; 
  • Return logistics can be outsourced to us, or you can easily arrange it via our returns portal. 
  • Specific factors for fulfilment for fashion are mentioned now. 

Specific factors for fulfilment of cosmetics and personal care products are mentioned now.

Advantages of Monta’s Fulfilment
Batch number lot number method fulfilment

Batch number/lot number method 

When inbounding (receiving) the products, we can register the batch number/lot number. If for some reason a product needs to be recalled, we can track the articles and inform the consumer. 

High care fulfilment 

Of course all our locations are well secured: we operate a search scheme and an access control system. Also, if your products need to be stored under extra secure conditions, we can arrange this for you. Think of Borg 4 security; the highest degree of security, where your products are stored in fully enclosed spaces in our warehouses. Contact us for more information. 

Universal Check-out 

At Monta we offer the ‘Universal Check-out’ module. This means that as a webshop owner you can select carriers you want to ship with. Then you give your customers the option to select their favorite carrier and choose from different shipping methods (with different pickup locations, time slot deliveries and/or shipping costs). Customers appreciate being able to make these choices themselves, it results in a higher conversion! 

Smart Stock Module 

Another nice feature is our Smart Stock Module. This gives you insights into your products, especially the ‘slow-movers’ and ‘dead-movers’; i.e. the products that are hardly or not ordered. With this data you can take action which can reduce your stock on average by 30%. This saves a lot of costs! You can use this extra budget in other places. 

Universal check-out monta
RMA Monta


At Monta you can outsource your entire returns processing, but you can also use our RMA. With the Return Management Authorization module you can easily determine and handle the entire return policy of your consumers. Think of determining which costs a consumer does or does not have to pay for returning items and choosing reasons for return. You can also adjust the online environment so that it aligns with your corporate identity. The consumer can register the return via the RMA, download a shipping label and choose a carrier from the pre-set options. 

Pink Gellac about Monta 

Sander Groenendijk, CFOO Pink Gellac: "Since 2013, Monta has been our fulfillment partner, helping us achieve our growth together. They even created a customized order picking system specifically for our products, allowing us to process orders very quickly. In the Netherlands, our Dutch customers can place online orders until 23:45, and they receive them the next day, thanks to the efficient order picking process. Germany is a significant market for us. However, having a German webshop and being able to ship products (and accept returns) within the country's borders makes a big difference for German consumers as it instills a sense of reliability. Additionally, working with local inventory leads to shorter delivery times, so it's great that Monta has a warehouse there. The flexibility Monta provides is crucial for us. They are very pragmatic, have efficient communication channels, and focus on finding solutions while streamlining end-to-end processes through clear agreements and lean meeting structures. It's been a fantastic collaboration!"

Pink Gellac about Monta fulfilment

Fulfilment based on trust, cancellable on a daily basis.

  • Cancellable on a daily basis, open-ended contract. We do business based on trust.
  • Shipping and returns from as little as £2.95 per order.
  • 20 years of experience. Our reliability rate has a score of 99.98 percent.
  • Our fulfilment takes care of your entire logistics process in accordance with your requirements.
  • Experience real-time insights into the status of your orders and purchase the correct stock using our smart software.
  • Your own account manager at the branch where your products are stored, your dedicated point of contact!
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