Packs integration

Packs integration 

Do you want to provide your customers with the best service by shipping your packages quickly and reliably? Connect your webshop to Packs through the Monta platform and let your business grow. With the integration with Packs, shipments are automatically picked up from our warehouses and delivered to your customers in the desired manner. 

 Multiple European warehouse locations
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Shipping packages via the Packs delivery service     

Packs offers standard delivery, with packages delivered the next business day before 5:00 PM. Additionally, this carrier offers the FastPacks service, where you can choose delivery before 12:00 PM, 11:00 AM, or 10:00 AM. In the Netherlands, even before 9:00 AM. 

The developers at Monta have already built a standard integration with Packs, so we can quickly start shipping packages through Packs. Together, we easily activate the integration in your personal MontaPortal. Monta takes care of the rest. Orders come into our system, and we immediately start processing them. With flexible settings, you can configure the shipping process to meet the service you want to provide with your webshop. 

Shipping packages via the Packs delivery service
Benefits of integrating with Packs

Benefits of integrating with Packs     

By integrating with Packs through Monta, you can enjoy many benefits, especially if you sell fresh or perishable products. Packs offers special services such as FlowerPacks and FreshPacks: 

  • FlowerPacks: Fresh shipments of flowers and floral arrangements. Packs is unique among carriers in this regard! 
  • FreshPacks: Distribution of fresh goods. For fresh products, it is essential that they are transported in a proper, conditioned manner. Packs is capable of transporting food items refrigerated and even frozen. 

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Fully customizable 

Monta has extensive knowledge and experience in e-commerce fulfillment. Therefore, we understand that every webshop owner wants to customize the ordering process as much as possible. By choosing a Packs integration with Monta, you can configure many settings according to your preferences. This allows you to optimize the system for your business. For example, you can specify specific requirements per order line, such as using insured shipping or age verification upon delivery. The possibilities are almost endless. 

Packs integration with Monta
What is Packs

What is Packs?      

Packs is a network of over 60 independent Packcenters spread across the Benelux. They specialize in fast package delivery and provide personalized care for each shipment. Delivery is made before a specified time, making it attractive for customers. Additionally, Packs is always nearby in the Benelux thanks to its extensive network of Packcenters.

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Do you want to improve the performance of your webshop and automate and grow your business? Connect with Monta and manage all your carriers, including Packs, through one central system. During a free demo, our specialists will show you how this integration looks for your shop. Or contact us directly here; we’re happy to assist you!