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DHL Integration  

At Monta, we work with a wide range of different carriers, including DHL! Are you looking for a carrier with a variety of shipping options? Choose the standard DHL integration with Monta. Monta ensures the proper processing of your orders, which are then shipped via DHL. All packages are carefully packed and sent out promptly.  

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DHL Parcel Integration via Monta  

DHL has numerous branches worldwide, and DHL Parcel is the Dutch branch of this international organization. By linking your DHL account to Monta, all your orders are automatically synchronized. Our IT specialists have developed a standard integration with DHL, enabling a quick connection between Monta, DHL, and your webshop. The entire integration process can be completed within minutes. 

Fully Configurable to Your Preferences 

While our integration with DHL is standardized, it is easy to customize the settings within the MontaPortal to align with your preferences. The system offers various options, such as providing insured shipping, requiring a mandatory signature, or implementing age verification upon delivery. These are just a few examples, as there is much flexibility available. 

DHL Parcel integration with monta
Benefits DHL delivery

The Benefits of DHL   

Shipping via DHL or DHL Parcel through Monta offers several advantages, including: 

  • Same Day Delivery 
  • Next Day Delivery (with a cut-off time of 23:45 for the Benelux region) 
  • Flexible day and time selection 
  • Evening delivery 
  • Sunday delivery 
  • Pickup at a designated location or home delivery 

Important to note: While our fulfillment centers are located in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom, we can ship worldwide. Through a convenient IT integration, we can send an email to the customer, allowing them to track the package and receive information about DHL’s delivery time frame or pickup at a designated location, both within the Netherlands and internationally. 

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DHL Services  

It doesn’t matter how your webshop is set up; our DHL integration ensures timely and accurate delivery of all types of products, whether large and heavy or small and lightweight, both within the Netherlands and internationally. Our integration with DHL makes it accessible, easy, and fast to send packages via DHL. You can take advantage of one or more of the following services: 

  • DHL Parcel: For shipments within the Netherlands. 
  • DHL Parcel Letterbox Package: For shipments within the Netherlands that fit in a mailbox. This type of shipment is cheaper, as the delivery person does not need to ring the doorbell. 
  • DHL Parcel Large: For shipments through DHL Parcel that exceed the regular size limit, resulting in an additional surcharge by DHL. 
  • DHL Service Point: For shipments within the Netherlands to DHL pick-up points. 
  • DHL Parcel Connect: For shipments from the Netherlands to select countries within the European Union. All package data is printed in a large QR-like barcode on the shipping label. Upon arrival in the destination country, this barcode is scanned, and the package is registered. The tracking code will only work once the package has arrived in the destination country. 
  • DHL Parcel Connect Pickup Point: For shipments from the Netherlands to a pick-up point in select countries within the European Union. 
  • DHL Pallet: For package shipments from the Netherlands to select countries within the European Union. 
  • DHL Paket: For shipments within Germany. 
  • DHL Europlus: For business packages from the Netherlands to select countries within the European Union. These packages are not delivered after 5:00 PM since most businesses are closed by that time. 
DHL integration with Monta
DHL integration with monta

We’re Ready to Get Started    

Would you like to ship via DHL (among others) using Monta? We can quickly arrange that for you. Our team of IT specialists will establish the integration in no time. During a free demo , we would be happy to show you how this works for your webshop. Prefer to have a direct conversation? Contact us, and we’ll be glad to assist you!