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BigCommerce integration 

Say goodbye to time-consuming business processes and choose to outsource the fulfillment of your BigCommerce webshop. Increase efficiency within your webshop and make it easier for customers to order and return products. Monta offers a single platform that can be easily integrated with your webshop. Gain insights into the status of your orders, save time, and experience our ready-made integration.

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More possibilities with Monta’s BigCommerce integration 

Our team of IT specialists has already developed a standard integration for BigCommerce webshops, making it very easy to implement the system. Connect your BigCommerce webshop to Monta and immediately benefit from a range of valuable functionalities. See the overview below: 

  • Order entry: Orders from your webshop are immediately processed and sent to our warehouse. We ensure fast follow-up and processing. 
  • Order management: Through the Monta portal, you have instant access to order status from anywhere in the world. 
  • Track & trace orders: Even during the delivery process, you can track the status of your orders through integration with various national and international carriers, providing full visibility. 
  • Inventory management: Check your inventory reports in the system for better visibility. Adjust your inventory based on these insights and save on storage costs. 
  • Smart analytics: Monitor the performance of all your sales channels through your personalized dashboard. Additionally, our software uses available data and artificial intelligence to generate store analyses and predictive reports, allowing you to improve your processes and enhance the user experience for customers.
More possibilities with Monta's BigCommerce integration

How does the BigCommerce integration work? 

Just a brief overview of the process to make it clear for you: When a customer places an order on your BigCommerce webshop, that order is then received in Monta’s software. We will then take action! You can continuously track the status of the order. Once the order is picked up by one of the carriers integrated with Monta, a Track & Trace will be sent to the customer. This information will also be displayed to you in Monta’s software. 

The integration also takes into account your current inventory, and there are many possibilities to create custom reports (based on the data you wish to see). You can keep track of the popularity of your different items and use predictive reports to purchase new inventory. 

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Universal Checkout with your BigCommerce webshop 

In addition to the general integration with BigCommerce, we also offer the option to work with Monta’s Universal Checkout. With Universal Checkout, Monta provides a multi-carrier solution. Here’s how it works: First, you can choose from the various carriers and shipping options that Monta works with. You can then offer these different carrier choices and shipping options to your customers on your webshop during the checkout process. They will be able to see the different carriers and locations on a map. This freedom of choice for customers has a positive impact on the conversion rates of webshops. Most customers prefer a specific carrier or pickup point nearby. Having this freedom of choice can be a decisive factor in customers choosing to place an order through your webshop. Click here to visit Monta’s Universal Checkout page on the BigCommerce App Store. 

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If you have more than ten orders per day and you want to have better control over the order processes within your organization, Monta is the ideal partner for you! Monta takes care of the storage, order picking, packaging, and shipping of your orders from various locations in the Netherlands. Even though we can handle the entire process for you, you can still have real-time visibility: all orders can be tracked continuously through our online portal. This way, you can maintain control because we understand that it can be challenging to delegate these tasks. 

We are more than happy to demonstrate how a BigCommerce integration with Monta can bring value to your webshop. Curious about the possibilities or ready to get started? We are always ready to provide you with expert and honest advice! Contact us by email or phone, and we will gladly schedule a demo with you.