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Shopify Integration 

Do you have a Shopify online store and are looking for a fulfillment partner? With Monta, we handle the complete logistical processing of all your online store orders. This means that we store your items, process your orders, pack and send them to the consumer, and possibly handle your returns for you. In this way, we take over the concern for the logistical part of your online store, allowing you to focus on the development and promotion of your online store. 

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Link your Shopify online store with Monta 

Link your Shopify online store to Monta and immediately benefit from a number of valuable functionalities. See the overview below: 

  • Order entry: Orders from your online store are immediately processed and sent to our warehouse. We then ensure error-free follow-up and processing. 
  • Order management: Via the Montaportal, you have direct insight into the status of orders anywhere in the world. 
  • Inventory management: Check your inventory in real-time in the system for more overview. See opportunities within the market and adjust your inventory accordingly. 
  • Track & trace orders: Insight into the registration of orders and automatic feedback via full integration with various national and international carriers. 
  • Smart analyses: Our software compiles store analyses and reports based on available data. Monitor the performance of all your sales channels via your personal dashboard. This way you improve your processes and the user experience for customers. 
Link your Shopify online store with Monta 
What is Shopify 

What is Shopify? 

The world’s largest online store system: Shopify. This system is used by both beginners and advanced users. Easy to use and with a very pleasant layout, you can get started right away. With their all-in-one package, you have all the tools to start and grow your online store. Shopify works cloud-based, so you always and everywhere have access to your online store from a connected device. 

Want to know more about Shopify and the link with Monta? Click here to go to Monta’s page in the Shopify app store. 

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Universal Check-out with your Shopify online store  

In addition to the general link with Shopify, this online store system also offers the possibility to work with Monta’s Universal Check-out. With this Universal Check-out, Monta offers a multi-carrier solution. This works as follows: first, you select several carriers and carrier options with your online store that Monta works with, then you can offer the consumer the choice from these different carriers and/or delivery options with your online store. This freedom of choice for the consumer increases the conversion rate for your online store! Most consumers have a preference for a certain carrier or a collection point nearby. Freedom of choice in this can therefore be a decisive reason to order or not order from your online store. Click here to go to Monta’s Universal Check-out page in the Shopify app store. 

Take Advantage of Interesting Opportunities  

We at Monta believe that optimal order processing is the basis for further growth of your online store! Do you also want to grow in size and turnover? Request a demo. Our IT specialists are happy to demonstrate the various possibilities. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Universal Check-out with your Shopify online store